The Children Development Program

Children Development Program

It is a common opinion that the future belongs to today’s children. This is recognized by Lamp of the Path and in 2006, we started a program to foster the development of moral values and self esteem in children.

In 2008, the curriculum of The Children Development Program was created incorporating the 16 Guidelines to a Happy Life, drawing from a program developed by FPMT in the west. As there are insufficient places in the Mongolian public schools for all students to attend at the same time, the Mongolian School System has 3 shifts, one early in the morning, in the middle of the day and in the late afternoon. This program provides alternative education to students when not engaged in their school session.

This program is also offered in local kindergartens and in an orphanage. It is divided into 3 levels, beginners, advanced and kids club. Having reached the kids club, the children are encouraged to offer service to the local community following programs they devise themselves. This program is also offered in Mongolia’s second largest city, Darkhan.

We are now developing a specific training course for teachers to introduce the 16 Guidelines in government schools.

During the summer school holidays, we offer 2 week programs providing a variety of activities ranging from how to make a movie, creative bead work and some tuition in English and Chinese language.

Throughout the year extra activities are organized within the framework of the 16 Guidelines, such as competitions on international “Be Kind Day”, and excursions to museums, ski fields and other places of interest. During each gathering, the children are offered nutritious food, which they are taught to prepare themselves. This also serves as a supplement to the sometimes meager supplies available in many homes.

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