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The Liberation Prison Project (LPP) was initiated as an FPMT Mongolia activity with the all male High-Security Prison, in 2006.

Currently, we spend 1 whole day per week presenting courses to the inmates and providing individual Dharma counseling as requested.

FPMTM LPP has a room within the prison where the men attend the courses. We work in close association with the prison psychologist and social workers to identify what topics are relevant for the individual and due to security requirements, only 4 persons can attend a session at any one time.  Most of the men are Buddhist by birth and several have a genuine interest in learning meditation and Buddha’s teachings, especially about karma.

The courses we offer are: Learning and Practicing Meditation, Dealing Skilfully with Negative Emotions, Karma and the Importance of Taking Responsibility for one’s actions.
During the courses, participants are welcome to ask questions, have a general discussion related to the course content and are encouraged to do the homework that is set each week.

Notebooks and pens are provided for this purpose and homework can be completed in writing or drawing, according to the individual’s preference.

A Certificate of Completion is presented to each person upon successfully completing the course requirements.

General topics presented via the prison’s internal TV/radio facility are Meditation and the Benefits, Yoga Complete Breathing, Stress release, Importance of overcoming addiction to Alcohol and engaging in Domestic Violence and how to participate in our annual Mani Retreat from a distance.

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