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The 6th 100 Million Mani Retreat 2018

The whole FPMT family has already rejoiced five times with FPMT Mongolia upon the completion of the Mongolian 100 Million Mani Retreat. Mandala blog kindly posted articles about 4 of the past retreats held in 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017.

This year has not been an exception as we recently and successfully completed the retreat for the sixth time! It is our sincere hope that we will be able to continue this meritorious event until samsara ends. Our belief is that even when the current management steps down, the next generation will take it over continuing to bring happiness and peace to the Mongolian community.

We want to show you not only photos, but also to give all readers a sense what it means to run the Mani Retreat in Mongolia. Please enjoy our interactive poster of the 6th Mani Retreat 2018 in numbers.

Of course this is just a sneak peek to the whole picture as it is difficult to describe the endless human support and help, together with all the efforts made by the many participants, especially by very old ladies, who can barely walk but somehow managed to endure sitting for up to 11 (!) hours. Words are not enough to thank the Venerable Sangha for their kindness and patience. No one picture can truly show the devotion and faith… However, we are able to rejoice, rejoice in the merits of every sentient being, rejoice no matter what… At least in Mongolia you have 105,628,900 mani reasons for rejoicing!