The 8th (1̶0̶0̶) 68 Million Mani Retreat in Mongolia

The tradition of 100 Million Mani Retreats organised by our centre began in 2013 in accordance with Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s vast vision for Mongolia. Usually between 200-300 people attend on a daily basis for the duration of one month. The venue for these uninterruptedly was Idgaa Choizinling Monastery which can comfortably host up to 1000 people. Due to the new local restrictions of a maximum of 50 people being involved in a religious activity in one room, we decided to change the format of the retreat itself. For the first time in modern Mongolia we organised a strict group retreat for lay people which concluded with a fire puja. Twenty eight permanent retreatants resided at the centre’s building for 19 days. Two of whom were Tibetan Geshes and four were ordained getsulmas (nuns). The other participants were coming in the morning and returning home in the evening. So this time it was quite a challenge to achieve the goal of 100 million mantras.

Therefore, we arranged for the event to be live streamed on Facebook and YouTube inviting and opening up to a much greater audience providing them with an opportunity to join the retreat from afar. There was a huge and positive response with thousands of views, likes and shares. This live streaming was also broadcast to a screen set up in a neighbouring room thus enabling those 20 people who could not be inside the gompa, to join and follow the sessions.

In addition, we reached out to our Dharma friends in Australia, Denmark, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Russia and the USA asking them to contribute their mani count and we sincerely thank them for their valuable support. Meanwhile, in order to complete the retreat, engage in the fire puja and receive permission for self-initiation, each resident retreatant was required to recite 660’000 Chenrezig mantras. Due to the blessing of our Gurus the mission was complete and the fire puja was performed.

In total we would like to submit 68’936’658 mani mantras to Lama Zopa Rinpoche!
Although this is the first time in 8 years we did not accomplish the goal of 100 million, overall and considering this very unprecedented year, we rejoice in this wonderful and effortful result. Together we can all rejoice in a most successful Mani Retreat 2020 and look forward to Mani Retreat 2021!