At the collapse of communism in 1990 Mongolia followed the rest of the communist nations from a centrally controlled economy to a market economy. This lead to a great deal of hardship as thousands lost their source of income. People fled the rural areas where they were no longer able to make a living as nomadic herders and many of those moving to the cities found themselves unequipped to find not only employment but even the more basic needs of food and shelter.

The final outcome of this demographic revolution resulted in a large population of homeless and very poor people who are old, mentally or physically impaired or of single parent families.

To help support these homeless and vulnerable people, in 2005 Lamp of the Path NGO (LOP) was established to take over the social welfare activities of FPMT Mongolia . Its activities are centered in the “Ger District” of Amgalan on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar. With winter temperatures below minus 40 Celsius, the warm Lamp of the Path is a welcome respite for the homeless.

Currently LOP has two main programs: a soup kitchen, which offers about 80 meals five days a week; a health clinic, which offers free health services to the very poor once a week.

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