Stupa café

Stupa Café

During the EEC4 in June 2004, Lama Zopa Rinpoche agreed to the proposal for a Café to be created at Center Shedrup Ling. The Café would be open to everyone, Mongolians and foreign visitors and residents and in this way it would draw more people towards the Dharma activities of the Center.

In fact, during the last 7 years, the Café did exactly that. Many Mongolians and even foreigners are coming to the teachings nowadays because they read the teaching schedule in the Center’s lobby which is also the Café entrance.

The Café serves great vegetarian food, homemade cakes, different kinds of espresso coffee and teas and free Wi-Fi web access. It has become a landmark of UB city: if you mention Stupa Café, almost everyone knows where it is located.

In the summer, the Café also provides packed lunches to tourists hiking groups and general catering to other events. And, most importantly, the Café is now profitable and contributes about 15% of the financial resources Center Shedrub Ling needs to perform its Dharma activities and to administer FPMT Mongolia.