The Health Clinic

The Health Clinic

The Health Clinic was established in 2006 to provide basic health care and information to the patrons of the soup kitchen. It is staffed by a Mongolian Doctor and in 2008 a Nurse was employed to assist her. The clinic now has over 400 people registered to use the facility

As well as free medical consultation, the patients are provided with free medicines when required. If the patient has needs which our clinic is unable to fill, such as broken bones or a serious illness, they are referred to one of the many hospitals with which we have a contract for the care of the homeless. Due to the stigma attached to the homeless, it not always easy for them to receive the appropriate care.

Every 2 weeks, the Doctor and Nurse provide trainings on various topics related to healthy living, disease prevention and general hygiene.

A recent addition to the Community Center is a hot shower for the homeless to use.

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