FPMT Mongolia Dharma Center in Ulaanbaatar

Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s arrival at GDNSL center in April 2017

Since then GDNSL has been providing Dharma teachings and meditation sessions free of charge, translated into Mongolian or in English only, for a mixed audience of Mongolian people and ex-pats from many different countries. The first teacher was Ven. George Churinoff, followed by Ven. Thubten Gyatso (Dr. Adrian Feldman), then Ven. Chantal and at present Ven. Gyalmo (Glenda Lee). Geshe Nyima Dorje

was the resident Tibetan teacher for several years and finally Ven. Sarah Thresher, who taught extensively at the Golden Light Sutra Center in Darkhan, taught on and off at Shedrub Ling. All of these teachers made a lasting impression among the Mongolian students who appreciated immensely their style of teachings, and their dedication and compassion.

At present, besides guided meditation sessions and Geshe Thubten Zopa’s teachings on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Ven. Gyalmo is teachinging Discovering Buddhism topics interspersed with other introductory topics such as “Transforming Emotions” which are translated into Mongolian.

Every month at the Center the following pujas are performed and guided by our Dolma Ling nuns: Lama Chopa, Medicine Buddha and the Four Mandala offerings to Tara and every morning, Mongolian volunteers are making around 1000 water bowl offerings and concluding with the recitation of the Confession Prayer to the 35 Buddhas.

Ven. Gyalmo is also regularly visiting different prisons, teaching Dharma and leading simple meditation sessions for inmates. At present she is doing a long-term program at the High Security Prison, sponsored by the Ministry of Justice.

FPMT Mongolia does not have a separate office with its own staff. Therefore, Shedrub Ling Center also functions as the administrative office of FPMT Mongolia. Please click here if you wish to contribute towards the Center’s expenses.