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Ganden Do Ngag Shedrup Ling Center, Ulaanbaatar – 

Teaching Dharma to lay people – children and adults. Two teaching sessions with Geshe Thubten Zopa, one teaching session, two meditation sessions every week and regular one day retreats with the resident teacher Ven. Gyalmo every week (from September to May). The Mahayana Children’s Program is providing ethical education for children (from October to May). 16 Guidelines course in English. Radio sessions on Buddhist topics weekly. Various pujas on the 4 special days according to the lunar calendar every month. Visiting prisons under the framework of the Liberation Prison Project (http://www.liberationprisonproject.org/). Hatha Yoga Classes. Organising our major annual event – the 100 Million Mani Retreat for 30 days.

Golden Light Sutra Center, Darkhan – Strong Dharma group, doing regular monthly pujas, practices and involved in discussions and group studies with the support of different media and teachings from visiting teachers.

Dolma Ling Nunnery, Ulaanbaatar – This is one of only two nunneries existing in Mongolia today. The nuns at Dolma Ling are committed to a personal schedule of practice and study, plus daily prayers and leading the group prayers at Ganden Do Ngag Shedrub Ling. The nuns are leading the 30-day 100 Million Mani Retreat annually. FPMT Mongolia currently provides for their daily needs.

Enlightening Mind Publications, Ulaanbaatar – Translating, transliterating and publishing Dharma texts in modern Mongolian script. Since its inception it has published 33 books.

Idgaa Choizinling, Ulaanbaatar – Since rebuilding in 2001, FPMT International has been providing financial support to feed the monks at this monastery, without interruption and also donating towards the light offerings in the Gompa. Currently there are 50 monks residing at the monastic college in Ulaanbaatar, while many are in South India, furthering their studies.

Lamp of the Path NGO , Ulaanbaatar – is presently operating the Soup Kitchen and a Health Clinic. The Soup Kitchen provides free lunch to about 80 homeless and impoverished people daily (5 days a week) and distributes free clothing on a needs basis; the Health Clinic, is available once a week and is providing free basic medical care to about 100 people weekly. In season, maintaining an organic garden to produce vegetables towards the Soup Kitchen’s needs. Gradually collaborating with children’s charitable organisations. Developing the tourism area to move towards self-sustainability. Currently supported by FPMT Mongolia.