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Do you wish to contribute to FPMT Mongolia’s mission?

US Tax payers, please note: FPMT Inc. has established FPMT Mongolia General Fund and the other Mongolian Funds as designated purpose funds, which, due to the contribution of generous benefactors, supports the work of FPMT’s affiliate, FPMT Mongolia. All donations made to the funds are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

As you read through these pages, the best way to help all the projects and the activities of FPMT Mongolia, is to contribute to the Mongolia General Fund. In this way FPMT Mongolia management can determine the appropriate allocations of funds in accordance with the most urgent needs. All project-managers are individually fund raising locally and some also internationally. More often than not, the funds raised are not sufficient to cover all the expenses of that particular project. At this point the MGF will provide the necessary funding. From the experience of past years, the MGF needs about $ 8,000 a month to serve its purpose. If you wish to contribute to this fund please click here.

If you have a particular interest to help Dolma Ling Nunnery to provide for food for the nuns, pay for utilities, staff (security guards, cook) and building maintenance, it costs about $ 2,500 per month to cover such expenses. Just the coal for heating, costs approximately $ 4,000 for the entire season. Or, the food for an entire month is about $ 250. Please click here to go to the secure donation page and choose Dolma Ling Nunnery from the drop down menu

If you want to contribute to the Mongolia Monks Food Fund, which covers the cost for the food for the Idgaa Choizinling monks (about 50 in number) please click here. The monthly cost for the food is $ 780.

Contributing to Shedrub Ling Center, besides helping spread the Dharma in the capital city, also supports the administration of FPMT Mongolia. The average monthly cost to support the center and all of its activities is $ 4,000. If you wish to support this purpose, please contribute to the Mongolia General Fund.

Lamp of the Path NGO is the social arm of FPMT Mongolia. It manages four projects: The Soup Kitchen which has a monthly budget of about $ 2,000, serving about 80 meals every day, 5 days a week. The Health Clinic, which needs $ 2,690 every month for its operations. The Mahayana Children’s Program, which cares for about 60 children providing alternative education for an approximate of $ 1,360 per month. If you wish to help Lamp of the Path NGO to support these projects, please click here and choose Lamp of the Path on the drop down menu.

Golden Light Sutra Center is the only Dharma Center in Darkhan (the second Mongolian city by size) which provides regular teachings, prayers and guided meditation. If you feel that this is the project you want to help, please contribute to the Mongolia General Fund.

Finally we have Enlightening Mind Publications, a vital project for FPMT Mongolia. Although during the long history of Mongolian Buddhism, thousands of original Buddhist text, including the entire Buddhist Canon, were translated into Mongolian, they are published in the ancient vertical script that was substituted by the Russians with the Cyrillic alphabet. Today, only a very few scholars can read this. Therefore, translating and printing Dharma books in the modern Mongolian language is essential to revive the Mongolian lost religious culture. Please contribute to this worthy project by clicking here and choose Enlightening Mind Publications from the drop-down menu.