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The Soup Kitchen

The soup kitchen was established in 2003 to provide the most basic necessities for Ulaanbaatar’s poor and homeless. Since then it has been serving a hot meal to between 50 and 80 homeless and destitute people, 5 days a week.

As well as food we also provide warm clothing, footwear and bedding during the freezing winters when temperatures drop to below minus 30 Celsius. When possible, we also provide for homeless families, Gers (the traditional round felt tent) including a coal stove for cooking and heating and basic kitchen furniture.

Due to age and disability, many of the beneficiaries of the soup kitchen are eligible for small government grants. However, most do not have the required paper work or knowledge of the system to obtain these benefits. Therefore during the past 6 years we have assisted more than 100 people to access the support for which they are eligible. While the amount is small, currently about USD $60 per month, for most it is their only source of income and has contributed significantly to their survival.

If you feel moved to contribute to this worthwhile project, please click here